One Month Countdown!

Well, folks, it's February 1st, which only means three things are about to happen:

1) We'll soon find out if spring will come early this year (does anyone else think it's über weird that we rely on a groundhog for this information?), or if we'll have to endure another six weeks of this blistering cold weather (in Los Angeles, the temps drop below 65 degrees, and that usually means the scarves, Uggs, down jackets, and beanies come out).

2) On the 14th, Hallmark will make its annual quota; restaurant servers will be popping a Xanax before their shifts; and the highest number of breakups will occur (a proven fact!), probably because Mr. Not-So-Smooth made the mistake of purchasing an Edible Arrangement for his lady love instead of edible underwear.

3) The one month countdown to my release date starts now!

Seriously, people. In less than a month, it's happening. And it hit me today--hard. The realization of it all had me like:

And then I started having a panic attack and just told myself to:

But even when I do, just waiting for reviews is like:

But then, all it takes is one look at this fine specimen, and all is right in the world:

Here we go!!! March 1st, I'm coming for you...